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We’re delighted to announce our latest New Manufacturer Member of 2022 to the ESMA Community – The Happy Healthy Kids Company from Belgium.

When you have young children, you are confronted with thousands of questions and problems that you have to deal with while trying to balance your work, family, friends, hobbies…keep in shape. One of those questions is often about making your kids eat and drink healthy. How to keep them hydrated during the day and not let them take too much sugar.

Studies have shown that children between 2 and 9 do not drink enough during the day. This has a great influence on their energy and mood.

So we’ve decided to change that!

That’s why the idea arose to launch our own healthy fun drink for children. We want to help parents say yes and create healthy drinking habits for their children, now and for their future.

Along with our little monsters Felix, Basile, Maya and Semm we started developing a tasty, fun and healthy drink called WaWaah Water! Loved by kids and trusted by parents!

Designed by and for children! This way we make healthy drinking fun and attractive for our kids.

A nice healthy drink for active children that tastes great! No sugar, no calories and with extra vitamins C, B5 and B12 that help them grow and support their immune system.

WaWaah water is recommended by dieticians.

Our packaging is made of cardboard from forests that are managed in a sustainable way. 100% of the plastic is linked to plant-based reusable materials. Our bottle is 100% recyclable.

For more information on The Happy Healthy Kids Company, please contact:

Philippe Deben, Co-Founder

The Happy Healthy Kids Company

Holle Eikaard 60
2550 Kontich

Phone   : +32 497 182 288
Email 📩   :