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Prosperity through collaboration

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Our History

ESMA International Network was formed in 1976. Over the past 47 years, we have become Europe’s and the rest of the World’s only Distributor and Manufacturer Organisation for consumer goods. As a non-profit organisation, run by members on behalf of members, we stimulate the exchange of ideas, build connections, and leverage our contacts to drive local and export sales. A large part of our success has been through the collaboration of our international network. Today, we aim to increase the scope of our enterprise, and continually work towards the improvement of resources and knowledge available to members.

Meet Our Members

Today, ESMA boasts more than 164 members across 58 countries in Europe and Internationally. Taken together, these members are responsible for manufacturing or distributing some of the largest global brands, strong local brands and many specialist products. We maintain strict standards to ensure our member directory is made up of only the most experienced and trustworthy businesses operating in the European and International value chain. As such, we can promise that any manufacturer or distributor associated with ESMA is one that you can trust.
Member Directory
ESMA Benefits

Endorsement That Matters

ESMA International Network’s strength is the quality of its members. As a rule, companies will have been in business for at least 1 year, they should represent or manufacture brands that form part of the value chain and come recommended by another ESMA member before being approved by our CEO and the ESMA Board. By adhering to this strict criteria, we are able to cultivate a thriving ecosystem of businesses in which we can facilitate the exchange of knowledge and maintain a reputation for endorsement that truly matters.
ESMA Benefits

Promotion Where It Counts

The ESMA membership directory is made up of distributors, manufacturers, associates and corporates that attract attention from around the world. By virtue, our website has proven to be the most effective tool for the search of companies with an interest in Europe and Internationally
On top of this, ESMA is in constant contact with major trade magazines. We are committed to promoting the idea of outsourcing and the use of third-party sales and marketing associations to all members of the value chain. To put it simply, we are the ideal place to promote your business and the most reliable partner to help you identify markets to grow your brand.
ESMA Benefits

Insights For Tomorrow

ESMA members benefit from unlimited access to a library of news, global trade show events, business opportunities, seminars and market information. What’s more, because we are committed to maintaining a strong network for the exchange of knowledge, we regularly organise seminars, host social events at international trade shows, and host our annual convention where member companies can learn from one another. To build your business on an international level you need to know what trends are on the horizon – ESMA is what helps you stay ahead.

Our Board

Katrien Bousson

President | Belgium

Katrien is CEO of the Pietercil Group, a family owned leading brand distributor in the BeNeFraLux and Mediterranean specialties’ expert in Western Europe, with over 200 professionals in 4 regional offices and 1 production site.

Her combined experience of more than 35 years in sales, marketing and general management functions in a large multinational and big cooperative on the one hand and in family owned companies again in the FMCG sector on the other hand, next to her membership to several local federations/associations are Katrien’s major assets to the distributor world.

Being an ESMA member since 2018, she is looking forward to being able to add value to its board.

Anna Margaritelli

Vice President | Italy

Anna is head of Export Markets & Business Development Director at the Barilla Group.

“I call myself a Barilla VETERAN. I’ve been with the company since 1981, I started my experience long ago as customer service representative, for Japan. That is the market that has taught me the most, because their focus and demand on total quality and perfection is unique.

From customer service I moved on to managerial positions, building my capabilities and reaching broader knowledge of markets, in the 5 continents.

My focus for 20 years was on Asia, from India to China, to Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand…where I travelled extensively to meet customers, to cultivate relationships with them, to develop business.

I built the route to market through distributors in all the countries where our products could be exported, and could meet a local demand.

Export role is to seed and grow business up to a certain size, until the seed we have planted transforms into a local reality, with people on the ground to be closer to our partners in the markets and better serve them.”

Rui Miguel Lima

Past President | Portugal

Rui is Managing Director of F. Lima and started working in the company after finishing collage. F. Lima celebrated the fantastic achievement of 100 years in business back in 2017.

Today, Rui is the 4th generation of family working in the company and is very proud to continue the growth and development of the company like the generations that went before him.

F. Lima is both a Distributor and Manufacturer within the Portuguese FMCG Market covering the areas of Food and Household Categories.

F. Lima has a longstanding reputation of managing Global and Locally produced brands like Maid In Morristown within Portugal. Rui for his part, has spent many years developing his experience in launching New and Existing Brands onto the market, an inheritance of the company which will continue to be passed to the family generations of the future.

Andrius Samaitis

Past President | Lithuania

Founder and Chairman of the Board of VILANDRA.

Andrius was educated as radio physicist in Vilnius University and led many successful engineering projects. In 1992 he entered the FMCG sector and completed his EMBA studies at the Baltic Management Institute.

Vilandra Distribution company, under his leadership, secured well known nonfood, confectionery, baby care and baby food brands and today Vilandra manages all of these categories across, Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian markets.

In 2008 Andrius became more and more involved in the Organic and Natural Product categories, green apple cleaning, first as a distributor and then also as a retailer. Working at developing his Biosala Retail business, he now spends allot of time meeting with organic product manufacturers, farmers and distributors, he participates in many events hosted by the organic product associations of Lithuania, Italy and Germany, all of the time trying to understand the essence of this niche market and its potential of achieving organic products at affordable prices for consumers.

Jana Vyskocilová

Past President | Czech Republic

Jana is the Director of International Brands at EMCO, the leading Independent Importer and Distributor of branded products in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Jana has over 25 years’ experience of working in the FMCG Industry and is passionate about launching new brands and developing them to a leading position on the market. She has been apart of ESMA for over 15 years and has offered many valuable insights in her board member position.

Michael Robinson

Board Member | United Kingdom

Michael is Managing Director and owner of Robinson Young Ltd a long-established non-food distributor in the UK. Founded by Michael’s father in 1972, Michael joined the company in 1985 in Marketing after working in London on business development in the alcohol industry, he was appointed MD in 1995. In 2002 Michael bought out the other shareholders to take full control of the business. Robinson Young joined ESMA in 2001 and are a multi-award-winning specialist provider of sales, marketing and distribution services for brands both in the UK and around the world. Specialising in supplying non-food FMCG products to all UK’s consumer channels; now including Amazon, as well as traditional sectors including grocery retailers, wholesalers, discounters, convenience, pharmacy. Primarily their expertise is in Health & Beauty, Household, and Food Service products. Michael now has over 37 years of experience of developing brands in the industry.

Christos Dedoussis

Board Member | Greece

Christos is the CEO, President, and co-owner of Flavour Factory S.A, has a Bachelor’s in Food Technology with Masters and Doctorate in Molecular Biology.

His passion in entrepreneurship, led him to quit his career in the UK and return to Greece to fulfil his dream.

Flavour Factory is focused on innovative products, new ideas and over the years established an “Ethnic” food category in Greece.

The product portfolio evolved and expanded to other categories like snacking, protein, breakfast, tea, confectionary and organic.

With accumulated experience, next steps involved the launch of his own Brands and the establishment of the first production unit for Rice Cakes in Greece. One step leads to the next, and now Exports form an important development in the next chapter of Flavour Factory.

David O’Neill

CEO | Ireland

As a senior manager for the past 30 years, David has successfully managed a wide portfolio of blue-chip National and International Brands. With a wide variety of experience in negotiating with major retailers and international blue-chip manufacturers at a senior management level, he has worked with Nestle across the UK, Ireland and Switzerland for over 20 years. He was managing director of Stafford Lynch Sales & Marketing for 7 years, managing director of SHS Sales & Marketing Ireland for 8 years and has been a member of the ESMA International Network for over 20 years. David served as President of the ESMA International Network in 2013 and assumed the role of the ESMA International Network CEO in 2015 where the Association has grown exponentially across the Globe to date.