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We’re delighted to welcome our latest Manufacturer Member to the ESMA International Network Community – Veracruz from Portugal.

Veracruz are producers, processors and distributors of premium quality sustainable Mediterranean almonds. They own a total of 1,300 hectares across 5 properties located in the Portuguese municipalities of Fundão and Idanha-a-Nova.

They are passionate about agriculture. Their team produces the best Mediterranean almonds in a privileged location and in the most sustainable way possible with the help of cutting-edge technology. Veracruz know and control each stage of the production process, from planting to the consumer’s plate.

Their farming practices prioritize social responsibility, regenerative agriculture techniques, and the utilization of precision technology.

Veracruz prioritizes partnerships with national and international academic institutions to develop technology that reinforces the productive efficiency, sustainability and quality of their almonds. They are also associated with several institutional bodies, as a way of promoting the agri-food segment with a focus on sustainability.

For more information about Veracruz, please contact:

David Carvalho, CEO

Rua Filarmónica Idanhense, lote 68.
6060 188 Idanha-a-Nova
Castelo Branco.

Phone ☎: +35 193 053 9968
Email 📩: