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We’re delighted to announce our second New Member of 2022 to the ESMA Community – Blockhead Ltd from the UK.

Blockhead was developed in 2014 by Danny Lowe while studying sports science at Swansea University. After being inspired by a lecture on absorption, the revolutionary gum was formulated to deliver an espresso’s worth of caffeine (50mg) in only five minutes, twenty minutes faster than coffee, energy drinks or caffeine pills. The gum was launched to an immediate positive response from students, who weren’t just using it for sports performance; it was providing a boost before exams, deadlines, long drives, the gym and often after a heavy night.

The new product was christened BLOCKHEAD, a functional name based on the adenosine receptors in the head that are blocked by caffeine.

BLOCKHEAD continues to research premium quality confectionery products which provide focus for any specific need. Whether that’s energy and alertness, calm and sleep, or recovery and maintenance, BLOCKHEAD products enable people to operate at their best.

“BLOCKHEAD products provide an effective and convenient format for delivering functional benefits to people. There has been little innovation in confectionery in recent years, however the market is changing. We are well positioned to capture this opportunity both in the UK and worldwide.”

BLOCKHEAD is now available in over 2,000 retail stores across the UK and Europe, and has started to build a strong online customer base.

For more information on Blockhead Ltd, please contact:

Enrico Giovannini, International Growth Manager


Unit 403, The Metal Box Factory
30 Great Guilford Street
London SE1 0HS
United Kingdom

Phone   : +44 7535 255 881
Email 📩   :
Website     :