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Dear ESMA Members and Friends,

It’s an honour for me to take over the role of ESMA President for 2023. We have an amazing International Organization with members representing us throughout the World. I’m also privileged in becoming the first President to ever host an ESMA Convention in Portugal and of course in my beautiful City of Lisbon.

After tumultuous years of challenge, it’s time for all of us to seek out new opportunities that will allow us to grow beyond our core business platform.

Many times, we find ourselves exposed to new and innovative brands which sit outside our comfort zone! Often, such brands are dismissed as we lack experience in such categories – has the time now arrived to challenge ourselves and look beyond our comfort zone.

At our 45th ESMA Lisbon Convention we would like to share with you insights and stories on how to diversify your business to new categories that you have never worked before and how to overcome the challenges of such change within your organization.

Maybe you will find little or no differences of working between Household, Healthcare, Food and Beverage Brands. Equally, working between FMCG Retailers, Pharmacies or Online – sometimes the barriers to change are generated within our organizations and not outside!

Every ESMA Convention continues to present us with great opportunities for business networking and learning about new market insights. My ESMA Lisbon Convention takes place between 7th and 9th of September 2023 where I look forward to meeting with all of you.

Finally, Portugal is steeped in History. We were noted for Sailing the High Seas and Discovering large parts of the New World. Travel to my City of Lisbon where we hope to fill you with Inspiration for future business opportunities!

I look forward to welcoming all of you to Lisbon in September 2023!

Warmest regards,

Rui Miguel Lima

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