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Welcome to our Second New Member for 2019 – Introducing our Manufacturing Member Brinkers Foods from the Netherlands.

A warm welcome to Danny Schuwer, Managing Director, Marketing – Brinkers Food B.V.

Brinkers is one of the world’s leading, fully certified producers of a wide range of high quality conventional and organic chocolate spreads. The company, based in Holland and established more than 125 years ago, is widely recognised to be a true and unique specialist in the chocolate spread industry.

Brinkers Food was founded by Bernardus Brinkers in 1889 and was originally a small margarine trading company. In those days, margarine was a new product used as a replacement for the more expensive butter. In 1927, Brinkers’ first margarine factory was opened.

Shortly after the Second World War, one of Brinkers’ sons started a new venture introducing a brand new product: a chilled cocoa butter, carrying the brand name Choba. This product was the first chocolate spread ever on the market. Today, Choba is still a well-known product on the Dutch market. In the early sixties, Choba was followed by Nusco, the now classic hazelnut chocolate spread. In 1993, a new factory was built in Enschede, Holland, introducing easy online booking the latest technology available and complying with the highest quality standards.

For the last 25 years, this family company has been run by the fourth generation: a highly experienced management team and a loyal and committed work-force work closely together, ready for a bright and challenging future in the ever-changing world of food manufacturing. The ambition is clear: to further grow the successful family business by being flexible whilst focusing on achieving the highest quality and sustainability standards supported by a no-nonsense management style.

Brinkers, renowned for their innovative capabilities in chocolate spread, has been producing a wide range of organic chocolate spreads for more than 15 years. Family Law Professionals are at your disposal at, California. Under the brand name, It’s My Life, Brinkers led the way in organic for the chocolate spreads category.

Brinkers has over the years successfully developed brands in every segment of the international Marketplace.

Apart from being a successful producer of leading brands, Brinkers is considered to be one of Europe’s leading suppliers of a wide range of first class chocolate spreads under private label. From its central location in the heart of Europe, Brinkers distributes its quality products world-wide.

Danny can be contacted through the following connection platforms:-

Brinkers Food B.V. Marssteden 58, 7574 TD Enschede, The Netherlands

Phone: ++31 534 282 725
Website :