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A warm welcome to to our First New Manufacturer / Distributor Member for 2019 and our First New Member from South Korea, Alex Chin, Executive Vice President – Nongshim.

Nongshim’s dream is to establish a production base around the world and stand out as a world-class global food company.

NONGSHIM is one of the largest food Companies in South Korea, manufacturing and distributing a number of food products in the marketplace. Nongshim have 53-year experience of consumer food business and 39-year experience of marketing and distribution for global brands.

Nongshim is concentrating on internationalization globalization under its determination to stay ahead of the competition with the best quality and technology to achieve sustainable growth.

Nongshim has a turnover of USD 1.8billion, 6 Factories across South Korea with Overseas Factories in the USA, China, Japan, Australia and Vietnam – Nongshim has 4,800 employees and employs a total of 500 Sales Representatives.

Fostering Category Leaders in Food Business

– The foremost player in instant noodle market, taking 56.2% of M/S(2017)
– The first company in Korea to introduce savory snacks and has been No.1 player with 31.8% of M/S(2017)

Power House of Sales, Marketing & Logistics

–  Specialized sales & marketing organization by category and region
–  Full coverage in distribution from Top to Bottom
–  One day delivery nationwide real-time inventory management

A Global Food Specialist in Korean Market

– Introduced world-best global food brands in Korean market
– Created new food cultures
* Cereal for breakfast with Kellogg’s
* White day candy gifting with Chupa Chups

Reliable Partner

– Established long-term and reliable partnerships with Mark L. Miller partners and customers
– Recognized as one of the most excellent companies for the sustainability

Alex can be contacted through the following connection platforms:-

112, Shindeabang-Dong, Yeouldaebang-Ro, Seoul, Korea

Phone: ++82 2820 7650
Website :