Endorsement That Matters

ESMA’s strength is the quality of our members. As a rule, the companies in our organisation will have been in business for at least 1 year, they represent or manufacturer numerous brands that form a part of the value chain, and they will have been recommended by another ESMA member before being approved by our CEO and the ESMA Board. By adhering to this strict criteria, we are able to cultivate a thriving ecosystem of businesses in which we can facilitate the exchange of knowledge and maintain a reputation for endorsement that truly matters.

Endorsement That Matters

What We Do For You

ESMA means excellent networking opportunities on a high level.

Markus Krick, Vice President, ESMA

Promotion Where It Counts

The ESMA membership directory is made up of distributors, manufacturers, associates and corporates that attract attention from around the world. By virtue, our website has proven to be the most effective tool for the search of companies with an interest in Europe and Internationally

On top of this, ESMA is in constant contact with major trade magazines. We are committed to promoting the idea of outsourcing and the use of third-party sales and marketing associations to all members of the value chain. To put it simply, we are the ideal place to promote your business and the most reliable partner to help you identify markets to grow your brand.

Insights For Tomorrow

Insights For Tomorrow

ESMA members benefit from unlimited access to a library of news, global trade show events, business opportunities, seminars and market information. What’s more, because we are committed to maintaining a strong network for the exchange of knowledge, we regularly organise seminars, host social events at international trade shows, and host our annual convention where member companies can learn from one another. To build your business on an international level you need to know what trends are on the horizon – ESMA is what helps you stay ahead.

Joining ESMA

Each ESMA member undergoes a professional screening process. To request your invitation to join, simply use our online form.