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About Günthart & Co. KG | Manufacturers

Günthart & Co. KG is one of the world‘s leading confectionery-decoration companies. We are highly committed to investing in the development and production of our first-class products. Our comprehensive range of products for professional bakers includes fine decorations made of high-quality chocolate, marzipan, fine sugar icing, sugar figures, assorted chocolate and sugar sprinkles. Imaginative decorating and simple to use – that‘s what characterises our product line „Back & Decor“, which has been designed for the end consumer. Non-food items, such as candles and molds complete the range. As one of the leading producers of confectionery gifts, we offer a varied and innovative range of sweet-tasting chocolate and marzipan gifts combined with non-food accessories for every occasion.

Trade Sectors

  • Hypermarket Chains
  • Conveniences/Kiosks
  • Supermarket Chains
  • Discounter Chains
  • Food Services Incl. Cash & Carry
  • Industry

Product Categories

  • Fine foods
  • Dairy/chilled
  • Other non food
  • Confectionery


  • Ambient
  • Fresh/Chilled
  • Günthart
  • BackDecor

Contact Name

Tia Savolainen – Key Account / International
Anna Albicker – Key Account / International



Günthart & Co. KG

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