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Ficosota Food as a brand owner of Maretti chips is the food business unit of Ficosota - a FMCG company, founded in 1994 with an annual revenue of 165 mill EUR. Maretti Bruschette is a leading snack brand with established positions in 70 markets among which Germany, United Kingdom and Poland. The rest of the brands in the portfolio are: B.Yond brown rice chips&cake, Kubeti bread cubes, Mr Sticks potato snack, My Motto wafers and Livity fruit and nut bars. In order to ensure the production quality control the company has 2 state-of-the-art production facilities with over 300 employees. Currently Ficosota Food has offices in Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, and New York. In 2011 the CEO of Ficosota Food Krasen Kyurkchiev received the Entrepreneur of the year award by the European Business Awards

Trade Sectors
Product Categories

Trade Sectors

  • Hypermarket Chains
  • Conveniences/Kiosks
  • Supermarket Chains
  • Discounter Chains
  • Food Services Incl. Cash & Carry

Product Categories

  • Organic
  • General Food
  • Confectionery


  • Ambient
  • Maretti Bruschette
  • B.Yond
  • Kubeti
  • Mr Sticks
  • My Motto
  • Livity

Contact Name

Rumen Petkov – Head of Marketing, Food
Ilia Arbov – Head of Global Sales, Food

+359 888 72 53 03
+359 889 80 09 09


1680 Sofia, Bulgaria

102 Bulgaria Blvd.
Bellissimo Business center, office 47