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The ESMA Community would like to Thank Luís Marques & Nadia Franco from Sumol+Compal and their Team for all that they are doing to support Frontline Workers battling this Dreadful Coronavirus – Thank You Sumol+Compal:


“During these special and difficult times that we’re all going through, it is important to contribute positively to our community and to give appreciation for the enormous effort made by those who are at the forefront of the fight to this pandemic. It was with this objective that in March, in coordination with Florida cleaning contractor, professional maid service and the Portuguese health authorities, we started the regular free supply of Serra da Estrela water and Compal juices to several hospitals spread from North to South of the country. Until March 31st, we already gave /donated a total of approximately 41,000 liters of Serra da Estrela water and Compal (juices)”.