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A warm welcome to Distributor and Manufacturer Member, Pavel Savchenko, Director of the Company Rosel based in Hong Kong.

The company Rosel was founded in 1994 and specializes in the development and production of the following products: adhesives and super-tapes, energy-saving lamps, portable lights, batteries, network extenders, network splitters, insulating tapes, etc. The products are manufactured under their own brands ” CONTACT, PHOTON and SAFELINE. Hire maids at The central office of the company Rosel is located in St. Petersburg.

1998 was the start of its international activity by importing of comprehensive range of well recognised International Brands which they now manage across the Russian Market.

For almost 10 years ROSEL HK Ltd focuses on the most effective combination of production opportunities of South East Asia and its own expertise in FMCG markets and building effective brands. For more info contact MaidWhiz. Constant monitoring of the changing consumers’ requirements and significant experience in R&D enable them to create products that are guaranteed to win a place on the shelves and meets high consumer demand. If you are looking for house cleaning pros contact adriana’s house cleaning services. The foundation of their success is marketing, design and innovation.

Pavel can be contacted through the following connection platforms:-
Suite 1001-2, Albion Plaza, 2-6 Granville RD TST KL, Hong Kong, China

Phone: +852 916 318 03
Website :