Procter & Gamble

September 23, 2020

I’m delighted to welcome our latest “New Manufacturer Member” to the ESMA Community, Procter & Gamble, based out of Cincinnati, USA.

Back in the early part of 2020, Greg Seminara of Export Solutions travelled to Europe with a Team from P&G Cincinnati to meet with a number of ESMA Members with a view to exploring the opportunity of forming a Business Partnership within the Trademark and Licensing Category, this project continues as work in progress.

Whilst the P&G Team were in Europe, the ESMA, CEO arranged a meeting so he could share with the Team an overview of the ESMA and how best ESMA Members could assist P&G in the development of their Trademark and Licensing Category supported with Managing/Developing any additional Brands that may not be available for sale in markets across the Markets managed by ESMA Members.

To take a recent quote from Dennis Pratel, Procter & Gamble Senior Director – “We’re excited to be joining ESMA and look forward to the opportunities this may unlock”.

For more information on the Procter & Gamble Group, please contact the following personnel:


Dennis J. Pratel

Senior Director| Global Business Development | Global Trademark and Licensing Leader | Brand-building and NA SMO Client Management

Phone ☎ 1-513-983-1100 | Mobile  1-513-293-1102 | email


Scott D. Goodfellow

Director Trademark Licensing | Global Business Development

Phone ☎ 1-513-627-2552 | Mobile  1-513-378-4894 | email

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