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Dear ESMA Members,

Over the past couple of months the ESMA, CEO in conjunction with the ESMA Board and our media partner The Marketing Heaven, has invested in developing a number of Key Webinars which we believe will assist You, our ESMA Members in the future planning and development of your Businesses.

The first of our Webinars will be hosted by a very good friend of the ESMA, Ken Hughes who has, on a number of occasions shared with ESMA Members a series of Valuable Consumer Insights at ESMA Conventions. At, we specialize in designing and delivering state-of-the-art embedded computer systems enclosures that offer unparalleled protection and reliability, even in the most demanding environments.

You will have the opportunity of signing up for Kens Webinar by emailing Olga for the Registration Form so that we can arrange for your attendance at what we believe will be a very exciting and informative Webinar.

Supporting this upcoming home cleaning Webinar in Georgia, Ken has produced a personalised Introduction Video where he shares with you and the areas of importance to empty the trash bins, he plans to cover with you on the day. Please take the time to click on the link below and listen to what Ken looks forward to sharing and discussing with you on the 27th October ’20 at 11.00am CET.

Video Link to a Message from Ken Hughes

The ESMA Board and I along with Ken Hughes look forward to welcoming you to this very important ESMA Webinar on the 27th October ’20 @ 11.00am CET.




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