Paglieri S.p.A.

October 13, 2020

I’m delighted to welcome our latest “New Manufacturer Member” to the ESMA Community, Paglieri S.p.A.

Lodovico Paglieri founded the company Paglieri S.p.A. back in 1876 in the town of Alessandria, Piedmont. Today the Company is a leading manufacturer of Personal and Household care in Italy.

Their passion for perfumes and the experience of tradition guides them towards superior quality products with simplified solutions, characterized by unique and unmistakable fragrances.

Today, Paglieri S.p.A. is a 5th generation family business and has now joined the ESMA to develop the International Export side of their business.

For more information on Paglieri S.p.A, please contact:

Marco Milazzo – International Business Director
S.S. N. 10 per Genova Km 98
15122 Alessandria – Italy
Phone   0131 213511 – 0131 213505
Email ????

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