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“We’re delighted to become the first member from China into ESMA Community – DeZhuang International. DeZhuang International not only represents DeZhuang brand but also ChinEAT.”

ChinEAT is a brand founded in 2018 by a team of international, young and passionate people, who want to share their enthusiasm and love for real and authentic Chinese food with the whole world. Passion and curiosity, authenticity and humanity are the key values of a brand born with the dream of demystifying Chinese cuisine and inspiring people. They managed to explore all the kitchens of the country during their stay in China still following a severe DIET regime! DID I EAT THAT?

ChinEAT aims to deliver great food experiences through a wide range of products offering a new vision of Chinese food, let’s call it “Taste of China 2.0”. When the distance between you and authentic Chinese food seems overwhelming, ChinEAT products bring you there, like a one-way flight across the food capitals of China. Get to China in a single bite with ChinEAT and discover Chongqing, Sichuan, Yunnan, Shanghai and many other regional-inspired cuisines!

The first product line was born in 2019 and includes a variety of regional spicy sauces from China, then in 2020 a new line of Chinese classics was developed, including instant noodles, ready to eat vermicelli and other more traditional pantries (with black bean chili oil taking the lead) that you can find here: .These products have been distributed internationally since the beginning and loved by consumers (Chinese communities living abroad included).

In 2021 ChinEAT products entered the mainstream distribution channels in key countries like Australia with Woolworths, Singapore with Giant, Canada through a strong partnership with Canda Six Fortune (Loblaws Group) and much more.

Today this young team lead by GIANLUCA LUISI, which gave up a diplomatic career to pursue his dream, is ready for the European Market. They even opened an e-commerce: which is offering Sichuan Oil and Pepper kits to Italian and European consumers!

You will be surprised by the ability to manage and control a very large supply chain dealing with basically everything you need in terms of Chinese food. One-stop-shop solution to Chinese-inspired food cravings!

In 2022 these guys just developed a line of pantry basics which is going to be distributed soon in the Italian mainstream supermarket chains (soy sauce, sesame oil, pantry essentials of Chinese cuisine). In their spare time they love to be out there in the physical and digital spaces to talk to people, just to get a sense of how huma(n)mi they can be. Chinese cuisine home-cooking, do you want to give it a shot? Visit their Youtube channel for inspiring recipes and food tours across China.

For more information on ChinEAT, please contact:

Michele Diella, Global Supply Chain Manager

DeZhuang International
No. 10, Changdian Road
Nanan District

Phone :+39 329 859 4248
Email :