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Home inspections are essential for homeowners looking to make an informed decision when purchasing or selling a property. Knowing the true facts about what a home inspection can tell you about your property is key to getting the best return on your investment. In this blog post, we reveal 8 key points from a home inspection that every homeowner should know. Learn how these true facts can help you make the right decisions and get the most out of your home.

1. Structural defects are the most critical issues a home inspection can reveal. These include cracks in the foundation and other structural damage, which could lead to costly repairs if not addressed. Knowing about these early on can save you from major problems down the road.

2. Home inspections catch small issues before they become big ones. For example, an inspector might point out small plumbing leaks that you weren’t aware of or suggest ways to make your electrical system safer. Catching these things early is always better than waiting until they become more serious – and more expensive – problems later on.

3. Home inspectors ensure the safety of your property and check for asbestos and other environmental hazards that could be present in your home, such as mold or radon. Knowing about these issues in advance helps you decide whether or not to take action and have them removed before they become a bigger problem.

4. Home inspections provide details on the condition of a home’s roof, siding, windows, and other exterior components. This information can be helpful when determining how much money to allocate for repairs over the years as well as when budgeting for future maintenance.

5. Home inspectors test for energy efficiency and identify areas that could use improvement to save you money in the long run. From checking insulation levels to testing out air conditioning systems, an inspection provides valuable insight into ways you can reduce your utility bills down the line.

6. Smoke detectors are required by law in most states, and an inspector will check to make sure they are in good working order. This could save your family from a tragic event down the road.

7. Home inspections can provide valuable insight into potential safety hazards that you may not have noticed due to lack of experience or time. These include hidden problems like faulty wiring, carbon monoxide leaks, and loose railings on deck stairs.

8. Finally, home inspectors look for signs of pests such as termites or other insects that could be damaging the structure of your property and costing you money in repairs. Addressing these issues early on is always better than waiting until it becomes too late!

By understanding these 8 true facts about home inspections, homeowners can make better decisions when purchasing, selling, or maintaining a property. With the right information in hand, you can use an inspection to identify potential issues and address them before they become costly problems. So don’t wait – get your home inspected today!