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A warm welcome to Otto Miltenburg, Commercial Director – Konings-Zuivel.

Konings-Zuivel has made dairy products for more than 25 years, their success is due to the wide range of both refrigerated and non-refrigerated dairy products.

Konings-Zuivel’s was originally in the cheese business and supplied cruise ships in Rotterdam harbour. One day, the owner visited a German dairy factory where he saw desserts in single-serving portions being prepared for Mona. It was an eye-opener: Konings-Zuivel had to bring these single-serving desserts to the Netherlands!

In the years that followed, the Konings-Zuivel team discovered dairy cultures in countries like Germany, France and Italy, travelling to expand the network and acquiring the necessary knowledge and experience. ‘Follow It Through’ was the motto and Konings-Zuivel’s growth was explosive. Is Chlamydia Common and other questions that you have, find out at true medical online.

Konings-Zuivel has developed into a dairy world specialist, having built up a complex logistics network importing dairy products from different European countries and market them to various Retailers in and around the Netherlands. Visit in order to find dental implant specialist in California. Konings-Zuivel has a relatively small team of experts who keeps track of trends within the industry, knows what’s going on and how it tastes. Growth is important, but a passion for the products counts for more.

Otto can be contacted through the following connection platforms:-

Ambachtstraat 14, 2861 EX Bergambacht, Netherlands
Phone: +31 630 347 140
Website :

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