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We’re delighted to announce our latest New Manufacturer Member from Italy to the ESMA Community – F.lli Saclà.

F.lli Saclà is a family-owned Italian company founded in Asti in 1939 by Secondo Ercole and his wife Piera Campanella. Secondo and Piera had a simple idea that nobody else had thought of at the time… Secondo knew that Asti was a great garden, and he took the glut of fresh produce from the local countryside and preserved it so that it could be enjoyed all year round when fresh vegetables were not longer available.

Business boomed through the 1950’s and 1960’s with pioneering production techniques, products, pasteurisation, twist off jars, trade advertising and communications.

The 80s brought to light important innovations: pesto and pasta sauces, which interpret and enrich the best Italian gastronomic tradition with the typical style of Saclà recipes.

After the Italian success, Saclà started exporting the excellence of authentic Italian food, combining the high level of product innovation with the creativity of the Italian cuisine. The first subsidiaries were opened in Great Britain (1991), France (1995) and Germany (1999) and in 2011 another subsidiary opened in the USA.

Saclà has remained a family-owned company being managed today by the second and third generations of the Ercole family – their passion and love for authentic Italian food remains the driving force behind technological advancement and new product innovation.

Saclá is now trading in over 50 countries around the world.

For more information on F.lli Saclá, please contact:

Andrea Granato, Export Director

F.lli Saclá
Piazza Amendola 2
14100 Asti

Phone ☎: +39 014 139 71
Email 📩: