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We’re delighted to announce our second New ESMA Member of 2023 from Spain to the ESMA Community – Century Brands.

Century Brands is an FMCG company in Personal and Home care.

Century Brands was born from the motivation to develop different brands that help  consumers  live better. These brands are an authentic portfolio of day to day solutions at home. They light the grill of a barbecue and the fire of your fireplace, they take care of your white clothes, whitening and illuminating them, they wash your clothes and your dishes taking care of your skin and respecting the environment, they take care of your wooden furniture and repair its scratches, they polish the silver and metal objects of your home, they regenerate and eliminate the skin stains on your hands.

It is through those brands that Century Brands are committed with their mission of making your life easier, every day.

Their brands are well distributed throughout the Spanish & Portuguese Retail Trade and some of their brands are over 100 years old. Their customers are their company priority. They want to add them value and grow with them.
Some of the brands that Century Brands have on their portfolio are – Ballerina, Magic, Bonodor, Blancotex, RAK, Cedar, STARK, Calber, Closeup, Clair Matin & Famos.

For more information on Century Brands, please contact:

Andreu Sopena, Managing Director

Century Brands
Balmes 200 6o 6a
08006 Barcelona

Phone ☎: +34 639 752 813
Email 📩: