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A warm welcome to Stefan Duncker, Sales Director – AllFair Trade.

The brand Allfair, as well as the company AllFair Trade, are both part of the company BioTrio GmbH based in Freiburg, Germany. BioTrio GmbH was founded in 1994. It specialises in retail sales of FMCG private label business with particular focus on organic food products. In view of the increasing demand for fair-traded products, AllFair Trade developed the Allfair brand concept for the retail trade.

AllFair Trade currently operates within the following Product Categories:-

  • Tinned Fruit
  • Pasta
  • Biscuits
  • Rice Cakes
  • Confectionery
  • Vast Range of Coconut based Products

Stefan can be contacted through the following connection platforms:-

BioTrio GmbH, Zähringer Str. 350 D-79108 Freiburg, Germany
Phone+49 (0)173-61-979-48
Website :