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A warm welcome to our Corporate Member, Andrew Williams, Head of the Food & Drink Sector for Santander International & Transaction Banking, UK

Over the past 2 years Andrew and his Team have been very involved in developing their Network Platform across the ESMA Community. You will recall in 2017, Santander was our Key Sponsor at our 40th ESMA Convention in Oxford, UK – hosted that year by our President, Martin Wathes.

Since 2017, Andrew and his Team have worked with the ESMA, CEO on a number of initiatives. The latest to emerge is a project involved in connecting ESMA Members to UK Manufacturing Clients of Santander where ESMA Members will discuss potential opportunities of representing the Manufacturers Brands, top rated contractors in the Market of the ESMA Member.

This initiative has just been launched. Should ESMA Distributor Members wish to get involved in this project, please phone or email the ESMA, CEO so I can take the opportunity to discuss the concept with you in more detail.

Andrew can be contacted through the following connection platforms:-

Andrew Williams, Head of Food & Drink Sector, Santander International & Transactional Banking
Santander House, 100 Ludgate Hill, London EC4M 7RE
Santander UK, 9 Queen Street, Cardiff, CF10 2UD

Tel: 0044 7715 088 169
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