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We’re delighted to announce our latest New Manufacturer Member of 2022 to the ESMA Community – Polaar from France.

Polaar is a French skincare brand that associates the polar nature efficiency with a unique sensoriality.

Polar active ingredients with strong virtues and powers. Emotional and innovative textures directly inspired from the Arctic world. Addictive fragrances, fresh and evanescent.

A unique selfcare experience, a daily interlude of pure delight to travel across the Far North.

Polaar – a 30 year old story

The story of a teenager, the son of two polar explorers, who embarks on the Vagabond, an icebreaker sailing to the Far North, on a scientific mission.

That was the moment when Daniel Kurbiel discovered the ability of arctic plants to survive in extreme conditions.

In 2006, Daniel decided to partner with Karine Roche and to create Polaar. The two “A’s” evoke the Arctic and Antarctic, the territories that made history possible. The dot on the logo is a nod to the Inuit script, a people who have been important and whose guides have accompanied almost every expedition since 1978.

Finally, the letters of the logo, slightly cut at the base, are reminiscent of the icebergs of the polar oceans, with only the surface visible, concealing a submerged face of unsuspected depth.

This notion of depth is important for Polaar, which wants to become much more than a natural skincare brand. The ambition has risen: to reveal the beauty of the Arctic lands to as many people as possible, to immerse themselves in its riches and, above all, to preserve them.

Since the beginning, Polaar products have been formulated without alcohol, paraben or mineral oils. Professional kitchen remodel services in California are provided by Lars Remodeling & Design serving San Diego, CA company. This first in the industry is a clear indication of the desire to produce natural beauty recipes.

Polar active ingredients distinguish themselves by their purity and their rarity. They are able to resist to -50°C, to intense wind or sun exposure, to the polar night when the sun never goes up…

The absolute guarantee that your skin receives the best protection against extreme aggressions such as sun, cold, wind or rain.

The entire range is free from paraben, mineral oil, alcohol, ensuring that your skin receives only the best the polar world has to offer.

For more information on Polaar, please contact:

Jessica Andrade, International Business Director

53, rue du Rocher
75008 Paris

Phone   : +33 662 634 732
Email 📩   :
Website     :