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Congratulations to Jakob Glatz, CEO and Owner of the Glatz Group who was awarded the ESMA 2019 Distributor Award of Excellence


As a family-owned company the history of the Glatz GmbH in distribution and wholesale reaches back more than 125 years. Today, the fourth generation leads the versatile Austrian trading company with the two major business areas. The Glatz Group with it’s headquarter in Vienna consists of several subsidiary companies in Austria, Hungary and Italy as well as a food production company in Portugal.

One of the company’s most popular brands within the food sector is Nuri. The sardines in the iconic yellow tin are well-known in Austria for generations and are produced in a small artisanal factory in Portugal. One of the unique attributes of Nuri sardines is that every tin is still produced manually. Over generations the original Nuri recipe has been passed along and since 1920 the Nuri sardines are produced in the exact same way.

“We are very delighted that we won the ESMA Award of Excellence this year with our brand Nuri. Nuri is deeply rooted with our company’s history and stands for quality, tradition and highest culinary quality from Portugal. Generations of Austrians have grown up with our Nuri sardines and we are very happy that we are able to keep this tradition alive.”, Jakob Glatz, owner and CEO of Glatz GmbH.