G R Lane Health Products Ltd

G R Lane Health Products Ltd

About G R Lane Health Products Ltd | Distributors

Lanes Health was established in 1930 and is a fifth generation family-run business based in Gloucester. The business is committed to developing high quality products and brands both in the UK and across International boundaries. It promotes health and wellbeing through their wide range of respected OTC medicines, supplements and natural products. Lanes Health works hand in hand with their partners, using all of their experience to grow trusted household-name brands. They place great value on their reputation and the trust they earn. They are committed to producing and distributing only high-quality products and brands.

Trade Sectors

  • Hypermarket Chains
  • Conveniences/Kiosks
  • Supermarket Chains
  • Discounter Chains
  • Drug Discount Chains
  • Food Services Incl. Cash & Carry

Product Categories

  • Household Products
  • Personal Care
  • Other non food
  • General Food
  • Confectionery


  • Ambient
  • Olbas
  • Jakemans
  • Kalms
  • ProPlus
  • GOPO
  • Blue Iron
  • Earex
  • Teangi
  • Sarakan

Contact Name

Aden Kelly – Sale Director

+44 1452 507458


G R Lane Health Products Ltd

Sisson Road
United Kingdom