Anna Margaritelli

May 19, 2018

Anna is head of Export Markets & Business Development Director at the Barilla Group.

“I call myself a Barilla VETERAN. I’ve been with the company since 1981, I started my experience long ago as customer service representative, for Japan. That is the market that has taught me the most, because their focus and demand on total quality and perfection is unique.

From customer service I moved on to managerial positions, building my capabilities and reaching broader knowledge of markets, in the 5 continents.

My focus for 20 years was on Asia, from India to China, to Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand…where I travelled extensively to meet customers, to cultivate relationships with them, to develop business.

I built the route to market through distributors in all the countries where our products could be exported, and could meet a local demand.

Export role is to seed and grow business up to a certain size, until the seed we have planted transforms into a local reality, with people on the ground to be closer to our partners in the markets and better serve them.”

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