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The story of Dezhuang resembles the life cycle of chilli. A tiny seed, rooted in the humble ground, which turns into a lush plant as high as its ambitions, and points to the sky. That’s how everything started. In 1999, the future founder of the brand Dezhuang, Mr. Li Dejian, opened his first hot pot restaurant. In 2005 the Group had completed its first Agricultural Production Base. In 2018 the Group embarked in a joint venture with Gianluca Luisi and a team of international Chinese food enthusiasts with the main purpose of internationalizing the brand. From this union was born Chongqing Dezhuang International - with the ambition to spread the culture of the Szechuan cuisine worldwide. Within Dezhuang International many chinese food brands were born, including ChinEAT.

Trade Sectors

  • Hypermarket Chains
  • Conveniences/Kiosks
  • Supermarket Chains
  • Discounter Chains
  • DIY Market
  • Drug Discount Chains
  • Food Services Incl. Cash & Carry
  • Industry

Product Categories

  • Organic
  • Fine foods
  • Dairy/chilled
  • General Food
  • Confectionery


  • Ambient
  • Fresh/Chilled
  • Frozen
  • Beside DeZhuang

Contact Name

Gianluca Luisi – CEO
LAURA RIZZO – Project Manager and Marketing Manager




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