About ESMA


ESMA is the platform between manufacturers and distributors to discuss issues of the value chain. ESMA is pro-active in ensuring its members try where possible to reduce the manufacturer’s carbon footprint thus driving efficiency into the value chain.


ESMA was formed forty-one years ago in 1977. NFBA, the National Food Brokers Association of America or ASMC, Association of Sales and Marketing Companies, as it is called today, (since became part of the Grocery Manufacturers Association) was founded in 1904.

A number of European brokers/distributors were and are members of NFBA/ASMC. A prominent member was the late Desmond Cracknell, founder and chairman of Food Brokers Ltd in the UK, then and now one of the leading brokers/distributors in Europe.


Europe’s leading distributor organisation for consumer goods.
Creating opportunities using superior experience, knowledge and member resources.


We stimulate the exchange of ideas and the building of relationships.
We offer specific and relevant information and knowledge transfer.
We understand the role of distributor contributions in the value chain and we talk on its behalf.

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